Who’s It Going to Be? The Estate Executor Decision

You need a ride to the airport and don’t feel like taking an Uber, Lyft or a Metro Car. Who do you call?

You could call your sister, but you don’t want to bother her since she has little kids. You could call a coworker, but then you’ll owe them a favor. There’s your neighbor, but that could make for an uncomfortable ride to the airport since all she does is gossip about the other neighbors.

Ride to Airport - Detroit


The above scenario is a typical experience people make all the time. Who do you call when you need a favor. A quick ride to the airport is simple when you think about it. Determining who will have control over your estate is a much larger decision for you to make. Choosing who will execute your plans after your death is as important as deciding who will inherit your estate. When it comes to a living trust in Michigan, the executor is known as your “successor trustee.” If you choose a testament, this individual is known as your “personal representative.”

This is a decision that should not be taken lightly. It will affect your children, grandchildren and maybe even your great-grandchildren. You want to use caution when choosing this person and choosing an attorney with decades of experience when it comes to probate, estate, wills and the like might be in your best interest.

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