What Do Probate Lawyers Do?

In the State of Michigan, probate law can be complicated. It is very helpful to retain a lawyer who specializes in probate law and can help prevents personal liability. If you are an executor, it is your responsibility to make many decisions. But beware because if you make errors or act before you have the court’s permission to do so, then it can make you personally liable. By having a probate lawyer, they will advise what you are able to do along the course. By advising on each step, the Probate Attorneys at Michigan Probate can help keep you from making what could be very costly errors as an executor.

Often much of what a probate lawyer does is help with trust administration as well as making sure death and income taxes are filed smoothly. While any lawyer can be familiar with how the court functions, not every lawyer is so intuitive when it comes to taxes and trusts. When you retain a probate lawyer to represent you, then you can expect to get a certain type of service. Maybe your friend or family lawyer has to get back to their actual job and can’t make a court date. You better believe that doesn’t happen with a probate lawyer.

If a loved one has died and you find yourself in the executor role, contact one of the attorneys at the Thav Ryke & Assoc. Law Firm today. Do not attempt to handle the process alone.