Avoiding Probate Nightmare Stories

The best way to avoid probate court nightmares is to create a living trust.  A living trust allows you to manage and distribute your assets and property efficiently without having probate court interference.

For many individuals, probate is something to avoid because it can be a hassle and an expensive nightmare. Sadly, there are many probate horror stories.

For those who have not adequately prepared for their death, their heirs will find themselves in a probate nightmare. Their final affairs are difficult to manage after they have died. These probate cases can sometimes last for many years and the legal costs will grow over the years. The administration of the estate’s assets is a huge challenge when there are no legal documents or records to access for the estate’s personal representative.

Family problems that lead to disputes between heirs of an estate must be resolved by a probate court which can not only add to the timeline for a probate case but can also result in conflicts between family members that can have lasting effects.

A worst-case scenario involves greed on the part of an heir or even a personal representative who ends up stealing from the probate estate. Not only are these criminal actions, but they can, once again, have lasting effects on the family of the decedent.

Probate nightmares can also occur when people try to handle the process on their own or choose an attorney who isn’t qualified.

The bottom line is that you want to avoid probate at all costs and hiring a competent attorney is the first step in doing this. Be prepared because we all know that we are mortal and will eventually pass away. Contact a skilled attorney at the Law Firm of Thav, Ryke & Associates in Michigan – we are the Michigan Probate experts.