New Year’s Resolution – Start Planning Your Estate

With the new year of 2022 beginning in less than a month, you’re likely considering your New Year’s resolutions for the coming year. While many of these new year’s resolutions only last for a few weeks or a month, like that fad diet or new fitness regimen), there is one resolution that will benefit not only you for years (or decades) to come, but it will also benefit your heirs.

Estate Planning is something you can do in the coming year and feel confident that you’re planning ahead for the next generation. Michigan probate attorneys at the Thav, Ryke & Associates Law Firm are all probate experts, who know Michigan’s intricate probate laws and how to best navigate the tricky area of estate planning. Conveniently located in Southfield (Metro Detroit), Michigan, these attorneys explain everything you need to know about estate planning and probate law to you. They are also available at every step of the estate planning journey.

Estate Planning is the development of a plan for managing your assets and affairs during your lifetime, in case of incapacity, and upon your death. Your estate contains all assets you own, including real property, business interests, investments, retirement benefits, insurance and personal property.

Many people only focus on planning for someone’s death and neglect dealing with lifetime incapacity issues. However, those issues can be more traumatic than what happens to someone’s estate when they die.

Our attorneys will help you in the following areas, but this is list is far from exhaustive:

-Providing for minor, immature, or Special Needs beneficiaries
-Avoiding Lifetime Probate and Death Probate
-Minimizing taxation of their assets (estate taxes, income taxes, capital gains taxes, etc.)
-Maintaining control of their affairs during incapacity and their estates at death (i.e. health care wishes, blended families, etc.)
-Protecting their assets from long term care costs

Call Michigan’s most trusted estate planning experts at the Thav, Ryke & Associates Law Firm today to get started on the most important New Year’s Resolution for 2022.