Knowing Why a Probate Attorney is a Smart Investment

The first question we like to address for potential clients of our probate law firm in Michigan is what exactly is a probate attorney and what services will she or he perform.

A probate attorney guides clients through the often confusing probate process. Depending on how complicated the specific probate case is, your probate lawyer will accompany you to court for any hearings, complete any and all paperwork to submit to the probate court, help you stay aware of filing dates, and more. During your first meeting or phone call with the probate lawyer, you’ll have the opportunity to respond to some questions about your departed loved one and their estate. The probate process is often very standard and our law firm knows the probate process in Michigan better than other law firms in the area.

A probate lawyer will likely have you perform several tasks to help the process be as successful as possible. These tasks will often include the following:

  • Filing the deceased person’s last income tax return
  • Getting appraisals of valuable property
  • Communicating with beneficiaries
  • Ordering death certificates
  • Filling out the probate petition
  • Filing the will with the local probate court

The first step in the process is to determine if you need a probate lawyer. It’s always a good idea to use an attorney because sometimes there are estates that are complex, but even simple estates can be confusing and it’s helpful to have a skilled attorney walk you through the probate process.

Each week, probate attorneys from the Probate Law Firm in Michigan (Thav, Ryke & Associates) are present in local Michigan area probate courts. The courts in which we have a weekly presence include: Wayne County Probate Court, Oakland County Probate Court, Genesee County Probate Court, Macomb County Probate Court, Lapeer County Probate Court, Monroe County Probate Court, and several others around the entire state.

To determine if a probate attorney from our law firm is at a specific Michigan area court, please contact Dawn Santamarina, Esq., Attorney at Law
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