Expertise Counts for a Lot

Webster’s Dictionary defines “expertise” as a noun, meaning “expert skill or knowledge in a particular field.”

We’ve all heard the expression that expertise counts for something. Well, when it comes to preparing your last will and testament, expertise counts for a lot. There are many online websites that purport to help you create a will. They might advertise this service as quick and easy. They likely explain that you don’t need to hire a law firm for this service because their website has an app that will let you input your information and then a legally sound will gets spit out and it will hold up in probate court.

That all sounds great but is it actually true? Of course, it’s not. These websites are all well-meaning and try to eliminate the need for probate attorneys, but when it comes to ensuring your estate is protected after your death you’ll want to hire actual experts in the probate field. There are many intricacies that only a human being will be able to identify when it comes to planning your estate and writing your will. A lawyer with expertise in the probate field will always be your best bet.

The Probate Law Firm of Thav Ryke & Associates has been helping our clients avoid probate estate pitfalls for decades. We pledge to help you make the entire probate planning process easy, efficient and effective. Our law firm provides services and value to families by settling probate estates smoothly and efficiently with an eye on preserving assets for the beneficiaries instead of allowing them to be consumed by the probate process.

Let the expertise of our probate law firm work for you and you’ll feel secure knowing your estate is in order.