Why Client Reviews Are So Important in Choosing a Probate Law Firm

We all know that in today’s day and age, reviews matter. It’s unusual for anyone to select a restaurant, hotel, or doctor without first checking the online reviews. That coveted 5-star review on Google is essential not only for the travel and medical industries but for law firms also. At the Probate Law Firm in Michigan, we know that our clients first read the online reviews for our attorneys in particular and our law firm in general. We always strive to ensure our clients’ satisfaction and our online reviews demonstrate that our clients are satisfied.

When selecting a probate attorney, there are many factors that should be considered. In addition to our expertise in the subjects of probate law, wills, and estate administration, a law firm’s ability to be understanding and patient, as well as explain everything to the clients should also be considered.

Some of Thav, Ryke & Associates’ recent Google reviews mention these attributes. We are happy to have strong online ratings and will continue to strive to make sure our clients are always satisfied with our services. Here are some of the recent reviews on Google for the Probate Law Firm in Michigan – Thav Ryke & Associates:


“Dawn took the time to understand our issues and provided prompt feedback regarding our legal rights.”
-Mohit Mistry


“All I can say is this firm goes above and beyond to help you, I had so many issues and they handled each one very promptly and accurately!!!”
-Nick Hatzigeorgiou


“I have been working work this company since the birth of my company in 2018 & all I can say is positive things about working specifically with Tiffany Jenkins.”
-Jeremiah Russel


“Very prestigious law firm by reputation, but not so high up that they aren’t willing to help you in any probate situation. If you do seek their counsel, I hope you have the pleasure of talking to Tiffany Jenkins, she was very helpful and very nice.”
-Tyler Steffen