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Address12120 Fillmore Street
West Olive, MI 49460

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Mark A. Feyen
Chief Probate Judge
Bar#: P32369

Kevin J. Bowling
Court Administrator

Johanna Wallace
Probate Register

Traci Alvarez
Probate Court Clerk

Marissa Lopez
Deputy Probate Register

Heather Gregoire
Deputy Probate Register

Kristin Reid
Probate Court Clerk

There is a Probate Court in each Michigan county with the exception of ten counties which have consolidated to form five probate court districts. Each district has one judge, and each of the remaining counties has one or more judges depending on population and caseload within the county. The Probate Court has jurisdiction in the areas of estates and trusts, guardianships, and conservatorships and mental commitment proceedings. Probate judges are elected on a nonpartisan ballot for six year terms, subject to the same requirements as other judges.

Interpreter Needs
The Probate Court will provide an Interpreter to those in need in order to over come any language barrier that may exist. Any party involved in a Probate Court proceeding needing an interpreter must contact the Probate Court office, in writing, so an interpreter can be secured.