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Montmorency County Probate Court
12265 M-32 West
Judicial Annex
P.O. Box 789
Atlanta, MI 49709
Phone: (989) 785-8064
Fax: (989) 785-8065

Emergency hearing request after hours: (989) 786-9730

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Honorable Benjamin T. Bolser, Probate Judge
Presiding District and Family Division Judge

Chief Judge: Honorable Benjamin T. Bolser

Court Administrator/Registrar: Jodi Gordon

Deputy Probate Registrar: Judy Hartman

Court Reporter/Transcriptionist: Jodi Gordon, CER #7932


Montmorency Probate Court Duties: Probate Court exercises jurisdiction and supervision in probating wills and administration of estate and trust proceedings. Probate Court also hears cases pertaining to guardianships and conservatorships for adults and minors as well as developmentally disabled adults; and the commitment for hospitalization and or treatment of mentally ill persons.

Estate Proceedings: A major function of the court is the administration of deceased estates. It is the court’s task to interpret wills in the event of uncertainty or conflict over the will’s meaning. The court may also determine rights to an estate where the person has died “intestate” (without a will); this demonstrates one of the important purposes of courts in our society as they make a formal record of the legal status of property. Estate proceedings can be:

Unsupervised Formal
Initial Filing Fee: $162.00
Electronic Filing Fee: $25.00
Certified Copies: $12.00

Inventory Fee: Based on value of estate assets as of the date of death

Court Appointed Staff Fee Order

Guardianships and Conservatorships: As stated, the Probate Court is responsible for appointing guardians and/or conservators for incapacitated adults who cannot make responsible decisions for themselves. The Court may also appoint a conservator to manage the individuals finances. Guardians for the developmentally disabled are appointed by the Probate Court under the jurisdiction granted by the Michigan Mental Health Code. Annual and Periodic reviews of both guardian and conservatorships are conducted by the Probate Court.

Initial Filing Fee: $162.00 (for each guardian and conservator petition)
Electronic Filing Fee: $25.00
Certified Copies: $12.00
Guardian Ad Litem Fee: $50.00 plus mileage

Life Support Issues: The Probate Court has jurisdiction over matters concerning the authority to allow removal of life support. These matters are extremely complex and involve all interested persons, i.e. family members, doctors and attorneys.

Miscellaneous: The Probate Court also handles matters such as having persons deposit their Last Will and Testament for safekeeping ($25.00) each, delayed registration of foreign births, authorization to open decedent safe deposit box and appointing members to the soldier’s relief commission, state boundary commission and tax commission.

Payments are also accepted by credit card. If you wish to process a payment,
please contact Judy Hartman at (989) 785-8067.

Court Hours: The Probate Court is open Monday – Friday (except for legal holidays), 8:30 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.

The Probate Court is open during the noon hour. If the Probate Court has
an emergency closure during regular business hours, documents may be filed with the Clerk’s office located to the right of the Probate office.

If you require special accommodations due to a disability or language barrier,
please contact the Probate Courts ADA contact person, Jodi Gordon at (989) 785-8068 to make arrangements.

If you are requesting to technology for a Probate Court proceeding, you may complete the request
Montmorency County Technology Request Form and forward via Email to Jodi Gordon or fax to (989) 785-8065.