Macomb County Probate Court Information

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Wills and Estates – Mental Division
40 North Main St., Mount Clemens, MI 48043
Wills Estates (586) 469-5290 Mental Div. (586) 469-5320 SWITCHBOARD CLOSED 12PM TO 1PM

Every day of the week, probate attorneys from the law offices of Thav, Ryke & Associates are at probate courts in Michigan and ready to help you. At the beginning of each week on Monday morning, our law firm will post a schedule for the week so you can see when attorneys from Michigan Probate Law Firm will be available at the Macomb Country Probate Court.

Hearing Information

If your filing also requires a hearing (almost all petitions except for Petitions/Order for Assignment (small estates)):

1. After the fee is paid, you will receive BY EMAIL your notice of hearing packet, which includes the date and time of the hearing, the instructions to participate in the hearing via zoom, and a copy of your petition.
2. It is the petitioner’s responsibility to serve notice of the hearing on the interested parties and submit a proof of service to the court PRIOR TO THE HEARING. If publication is required, the Detroit Legal News is open and continuing to publish per their normal schedule. Contact them at or 313 409-6398 to arrange for publication.
3. If your filing fee has not been paid or if you have not completed service (filed the proof of service with the court), YOUR HEARING WILL NOT GO FORWARD and your petition may be dismissed.
4. For questions related to the hearing, you may contact the courtroom (for the judge assigned to your case) directly using the directory Where/How Do I File.
5. Following the hearing held via Zoom, you will receive BY EMAIL your certified Letters of Authority once you have been appointed and qualified with filing of an Acceptance of Appointment and bond, if applicable Letters ($12 each) must be paid for via ePayment in order to receive them.
6. Please visit Case Access to view hearing information and contact the courtroom for Zoom instructions if needed.
7. All hearings starting on March 16th were held via Zoom. All future hearing dates are scheduled for Zoom until further notice.



Stacie Barber – Judicial Secretary


Gail Stevens – Judicial Secretary


Marsha Burtney – Judicial Secretary


    • Effective 6/28/2021, the Macomb County Probate Court is scheduling in-person hearings. If the parties have already received their Zoom ID for a previously scheduled hearing, the Zoom hearing will still take place. However, should any/all of the attorneys, parties or witnesses wish to appear in person, they are welcome to do so, effective immediately.


    • The Probate Court is open to the public effective 6/23/2021.The Probate Court counter(cashier) will be open for accepting new filings only from 1:30 to 4:30 starting Monday 6/28. Under this procedure the Court cashier will accept the new filing by stamping it in and placing it in the pile of matters to be processed.  Deputy Registers will then process those matters in the same manner as we are doing currently (processing a stack of new filings by the date received). We are currently 4 weeks behind.  We will not be accepting filings and opening a file on the same date as the documents are provided to the Court. Deputy Registers will not be available to answer any questions at the time of the in-person filing  This procedure is being adopted to be fair to all those who are awaiting filings which have not yet been processed.If questions, please direct to Bob Szalka, Director of Legal Services, Macomb Probate Court.  Thank you!


  • Emergency filings must be filed by 3:00 pm. The public is asked to check our website at or call (586) 469-5290 with any questions. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this public health emergency.


John Brennan Deputy Court Administrator / Probate Register
Lindy Kilgore Secretary to the Deputy Court Administrator / Probate Register
Robert Szalka Director of Legal Services
Renee Tegel Court Attorney
Julie M. Strawn Court Attorney
Charles A. Semarjian Court Attorney
Dorothy Corolovski Estate Analyst
Barbara Otto Estate Analyst