Cheboygan Probate Court Info

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Every day of the week, probate attorneys from the law offices of Thav, Ryke & Associates are at probate courts in Michigan and ready to help you. At the beginning of each week on Monday morning, our law firm will post a schedule for the week so you can see when attorneys from Michigan Probate Law Firm will be available at the Cheboygan Probate Court.

Probate Judge
Daryl Vizina
(231) 627-8823
870 South Main St, Room 212
Cheboygan, MI 49721
(231) 627-8823
Fax: (231) 627-8868
Mon-Fri, 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Additional Staff
Deputy Probate Register
Jessica Beaubien
(231) 627-8871
Deputy Probate/Juvenile Reguster
Becky Noel
(231) 627-8876
Registrar of Probate/Family Court Administrator
Kim Chimner
(231) 627-8875
Director Juvenile Services
Kyle Culbertson
(231) 627-8812
Intensive Probation Officer
Megan Fenlon
(231) 627-8862
Intensive Probation Officer
Cynthia Ashbaugh
(231) 627-8837
Deputy Probate/Juvenile Register
Shani Johnson
(231) 627-8824

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Probate and Family Court jurisdiction includes the following:

Estates (supervised, unsupervised, and small)
Guardianships and Conservatorships for minors, legally incapacitated and developmentally disabled persons
Mental health proceedings
Juvenile offenses
Abuse and neglect of children
Personal protection orders
Name changes
Parental Consent Waivers
Emancipation of minors
Divorce and separate maintenance
Child custody
Parenting time
Child support (MiCASE)
Advance Direct Proceedings (durable power of attorney, patient advocate, do not resuscitate, and Michigan Dignified Death Act)
Lost instruments
Support of poor persons
Kidney donation by minor
Uniform transfers to minors act proceedings
Drain appeals
Health threats to others
Wrongful death settlements
Civil actions involving an estate, a ward, or trust (property rights, partition, specific performance, gifts, constructive trust, and contract proceedings)
Disappeared heirs
Establishing death in unusual circumstances
Will and trust depository
Trust proceedings
Protective orders
Estate tax apportionment
Fiduciary accounts
The Probate Judge also serves on the county election commission and appoints local members of the Soldier Relief Commission, County Tax Allocation Board and the State Boundary Commission.