Branch Probate Court Info

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Every day of the week, probate attorneys from the law offices of Thav, Ryke & Associates are at probate courts in Michigan and ready to help you. At the beginning of each week on Monday morning, our law firm will post a schedule for the week so you can see when attorneys from Michigan Probate Law Firm will be available at the Branch Probate Court.

The mission of the Probate Court for the County of Branch is to serve the public by exercising its legal jurisdiction and responsibility as set forth in the State Constitution, the Michigan Probate and Mental Health Codes and Court Rules.

As contrasted with federal and circuit courts, which derive much of their power from the U.S. Constitution, Michigan probate courts obtain their authority from statutes authored by the Michigan State Legislature.

The probate court is a civil court; that is, it is service-oriented, it relates to the private rights of citizens and provides protection for people who are for specific reasons vulnerable. The remedies sought through action in probate court are considered distinct from criminal proceedings.

Since the responsibility of the probate court is to properly dispose of matters legally before the court and to serve the public, the court must advocate and work openly and collaboratively with all legal, political, public and private agencies to provide services to those unable to protect themselves, and on behalf of communities which have a right to be safe.